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Her name was Nawi, and she or he died, aged well over a hundred, in November 1979. In the uneasy peace that adopted, Béhanzin did his best to equip his military with extra modern weapons, however the Dahomeans have been still no match for the big French force that was assembled to complete the conquest two years later. That seven-week struggle was fought much more fiercely than the first. There had been 23 separate battles, and as soon as once more female troops have been in the vanguard of Béhanzin’s forces.

The Eniac women have been among the many first coders to discover that software program by no means works proper the first time — and that a programmer’s primary work, actually, is to search out and fix the bugs. Their improvements included some of software’s core concepts. Betty Snyder realized that should you wished to debug a program that wasn’t operating appropriately, it might help to have a “break level,” a second when you would stop a program halfway by way of its run.

women magazine

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