8 Attitudes That Can Make You Look Attractive In Front Of Guys Based On Research

What can make us look attractive in front of other people, especially guys? It turns out that in addition to physical appearance, the thing that makes us look attractive in front of the opposite sex is our attitude and character. Well, based on several studies, it turns out that there are several attitudes that can make someone look more attractive in front of the opposite sex.

Here are 8 illustrations of attitudes that can make us look attractive in front of guys based on research. Anything?

Sense of humor

Everyone knows that a good sense of humor can make us look more attractive to other people. This cool sense of humor does not mean that you have to be good at comedy, but rather that you can and like to be invited and invite jokes. For example, if you make light jokes with your crush or girlfriend, you are not too serious in responding to everything, and you can reply to or respond to jokes thrown by your crush, even if they are dry, for example.

Then not only can he laugh at people, but also dare to laugh at himself when something wrong or silly happens to him. The … Read More