8 Attitudes That Can Make You Look Attractive In Front Of Guys Based On Research

What can make us look attractive in front of other people, especially guys? It turns out that in addition to physical appearance, the thing that makes us look attractive in front of the opposite sex is our attitude and character. Well, based on several studies, it turns out that there are several attitudes that can make someone look more attractive in front of the opposite sex.

Here are 8 illustrations of attitudes that can make us look attractive in front of guys based on research. Anything?

Sense of humor

Everyone knows that a good sense of humor can make us look more attractive to other people. This cool sense of humor does not mean that you have to be good at comedy, but rather that you can and like to be invited and invite jokes. For example, if you make light jokes with your crush or girlfriend, you are not too serious in responding to everything, and you can reply to or respond to jokes thrown by your crush, even if they are dry, for example.

Then not only can he laugh at people, but also dare to laugh at himself when something wrong or silly happens to him. The alias doesn’t become all that bad and in the end it’s not cool. Some studies show that girls are always attracted to guys who can make her laugh, while for boys, girls who have a good sense of humor are also more fun and interesting, or at least not stingy with laughing and smiling.

Have lots of friends

Researchers at the University of California found that people look more attractive when they are in a group, rather than always seen alone. This happens because the brain processes many faces at once in the group and eventually makes one face stand out and the other normal.

For this reason, people who seem to have a lot of friends or can mingle with a group of friends often look more attractive.

Body posture

A study shows that a posture that looks open and confident will make us look much more attractive to people we are meeting for the first time. For that, try every time you meet people, especially your crush, put on a pose that looks sturdy and confident.

How to communicate

A Harvard study says that when we only like to talk about ourselves, the brains of our interlocutors respond the same way we talk about less important things, such as stories about good food. That’s all, it’s not interesting.

Such conversation will not make the other person interested or happy. For that we need to control ourselves by not only telling stories about ourselves but also asking them about deep and important questions, not simple questions. That way the person will feel attracted to us.

Quality as a leader

People naturally tend to be more attracted to leaders. A study shows that people in a group find their leader more attractive than people outside the group. But that doesn’t mean we have to always be a leader to look attractive, because not everyone can be a leader.

But at least we show the attitude or quality of a leader in us. For example, having an attitude or not being easily influenced or being able to make their own decisions.

Facial expression

In these two studies, researchers from Switzerland studied the relationship between a person’s attractive qualities and a smile. They found that a face that always showed a cheerful and sincere smile looked much more dancing in people’s eyes.

That’s why it’s important for us to smile more and be more friendly. There’s nothing to lose, really. In addition to making us look more attractive, a lot of smiles can also make ourselves feel happier and calmer, you know.


Kindness always looks attractive. A 2014 Chinese study found that when people find or hear good things about someone, that person is found to be much more attractive. For that, be a good girl, not arrogant, arrogant or pretend to want to be a bad girl, but don’t understand the meaning and end up looking pushy and unimportant.

Basically, no one likes people who are arrogant, arrogant, pretentious or who are always rude and obnoxious. Try to be kinder to people and help those around you as much as possible.

Be yourself

Being yourself may sound cliché or trite, but it’s true, you know. There are so many beautiful people, but why doesn’t everyone like or want to be her boyfriend? Because apart from beauty issues, to be able to establish a deeper relationship with someone, we must consider the attitude factor or the person’s original character.

So it’s very important to be brave to be yourself. Show our original character, which may actually be unique and actually interesting in the eyes of guys. You don’t have to try to be someone else or be fake just to be liked by guys. This will actually make us and the guy himself feel uncomfortable in the end.

A study also shows that whether we are attractive or not is greatly influenced by who the people around us are, our experiences, our character and our tastes. So always be yourself because there will definitely be guys who have a crush on us as ourselves who are honest and candid.