15 Short Hairstyles for Women to Appear in 2021!

Dare to be different in the new year? Come on, take a look at various attractive women’s short hairstyles that can change your appearance to be more trendy in 2021!

Various choices of the latest short hairstyles for those of you who want to look fresh and stylish, from bob, shaggy, to layers.

Hair is one of the crowns of beauty and the key to being able to look charming. The right haircut can make your face look proportional and with character. In determining the model of a haircut, it turns out that it can’t be arbitrary, you know!

Professional hair stylists say that everyone has a different hairstyle depending on the shape of his face. People with round faces, for example, are very suitable for applying short flat bob haircuts to make them look thinner.

If you are planning to get a haircut in the near future, here are 15 of the most popular women’s short hairstyles that can make you look even better.

1. Short Curly Cut

Who says curly hair can’t be stylish? This short hairstyle gives a fresh impression and looks younger so it is suitable for all ages. You can also experiment with adding a brown color or making a side cut to make it look more interesting.

2. Medium Short Hair Cut

If you are not used to short hair but want to cut it, it is highly recommended to try the medium short hair model. The length of this piece is shoulder length by adding volume in the middle to the top. In addition to a flat cut, you can also try a shoulder-length pixie or shaggy model.

3. Pixie Haircut

Want to have the look of Japanese girls? Try Pixie Haircut. This hairstyle is not too short or shoulder-length with a thin bottom to make it look more voluminous. Pixie Haircut can make you look more feminine, sweet, and mature.

4. Short Layer Cuts

One of the most popular pieces to date is the Layer. This hairstyle is perfect for women with round faces to make them look thinner. Another reason why layer cuts are so popular is because they make hair neat. Don’t forget to add front or side bangs to complete your look, Toppers.

5. Bangs Bob Cut

The Bob cut is one of the classic short hairstyles which of course can be an alternative for you. For a fresh look, try cutting your hair to your jawline, adding a front fringe or bangs to make it look prettier.

6. Short Side Parted Bob

If you don’t like bangs, you can also try the short side parted bob. This model leaves no hair by cutting it evenly. A short bob with a side part can make you look simple but still classy. The type of person who likes to express themselves with hair can also try to ombre the Bob cut with a color that looks brighter.

7. Short Straight Shaggy Cut

Now being a trendsetter, Shaggy’s hairstyle with a touch of this short layer can make you look like a Korean woman. In addition to making the cheeks look thinner, short shaggy can give a natural and charming impression. How about you, interested in trying Toppers?

8. Flipped Out Bob

Want to cut it short but don’t feel confident because of thin hair? Don’t worry, there is one cut model that can make your hair look thicker. Flipped Out Bob, a shoulder-length bob with the ends of the hair intentionally made out can make you look elegant and full.

9. Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Usually, the bob is a cut that looks the same on the right and left, unlike this one. The Asymmetrical Bob is perfect for those of you who are adventurous and always want to try new things. Even though it is deliberately not symmetrical, this hairstyle still looks neat and beautiful.

10. Layer Bob

Combining layers with this bob, one of these short hairstyles can be a new look option for you. The shoulder-length bob layer cut is perfect for women who have an oval face type to make them look more elegant.

11. Curtain Bangs Bangs

Another short hairstyle that can make you look more mature is the Curtain Bangs Bangs. According to Kee Taylor, a professional hair stylist, Curtain Bangs are fringe bangs that are parted in the middle to form a facial frame.

12. Middle Straight Bob Cut

At first glance this cut looks like a wig or like wearing a wig. But now there are also many reliable hair stylists who can make it look natural and beautiful. This hairstyle is much liked because it can make you look character and professional.

13. Inverted Bob Cut

Had a boom in the 2000s era, the Inverted Bob cut is again popular this year. The Inverted Bob hairstyle has a shorter back than the front, making it look thick and full. Don’t forget to do the hair blowing technique with a hair dryer after every shower for a perfect look.

14. Bob’s Sci-Fi Cut

Tired of the same haircut? Try this hairstyle. This Sci-Fi Bob does look unusual with the combination of undercut and pixy cut making your look look edgy. Because not everyone is suitable for using this cut, you should first consult with the stylist at your subscription salon, Toppers.

15. Shaggy Lob Cut

This type of cut is perfect for those of you who have thin hair to make it look fuller and thicker. As for wavy hair, shaggy lob can also be the right choice, because you can simply cut it to shoulder length and add hair cream or use conditioner to make it look neat all day.